General Admission Requirements

    In the process of admission, the following criteria set by the Admission Committee are considered: ICS admission test results, previous scholastic performance and interview.

    Required of all the applicants are the following:

  • Birth Certificate (computerized B-Form). Bring the original copy and a photocopy may be submitted.
  • A photocopy of the baptismal certificate (Christians only)
  • Academic Record from previous school
  • School Leaving Certificate from previous school
  • Four (4) ID photographs passport size – colored
  • Health Record/Primary Immunizations
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Testing Fee
  • Passed the ICS Admission Test
  • Parents’ interview

Admission Requirements For Foreign Students

  • All of the above
  • Copy of passport along with the Birth Certificate
  • A valid visa to enter the country

Admission Requirements Of In-coming Class 7 Students Coming From ICS F-8/4 Campus

  • All documents from the Previous school ICS F-8/4 Campus will be shifted to ICS H-8/4 Campus
  • Only those students who passed in Class 6 from ICS F-8/4 Campus will be admitted
  • Four (4) ID photographs passport size – colored
  • Pay the security fee as confirmation of admission. Tuition and educational fees for the first term will be required only in the first month. Security fee is refundable. Please keep the security fee card, as it will be required upon student’s withdrawal from the school. Parents’ orientation meeting will be required on the decided date and time upon completion of the above requirements.